If Nutrition & Diet Is 80% of Our Results, Why Do We Feel The Need To Go Off of It All Of the Time?

First, if you have a Physique Coach, then you probably don’t have this problem.

But if you are on your own, you just might…

It’s happened to the best of us.  We already know that nutrition and diet is 80% of our results and we are on a plan and sticking with it.  We also know that the training is 20% of our results, and we are sticking with that.

But then, it happens…

A trigger, a moment, whatever you want to call it, and it doesn’t make sense!  We weren’t hungry, we weren’t thirsty, we weren’t tired or whatever.  We even had our next few meals planned out and already shopped for, yet the temptation calls.

Maybe it was peer pressure.  Maybe it was your favorite “treat.”  Whatever it was, it doesn’t even matter.

If you know The 5 Pillars of nutrition, then you know that if Pillars 2, 3, and 4 are followed to a “T,” then there is no way that the body is deprived of nutrients!  The body is getting enough.  But it didn’t matter.  You succumbed…

So where did the “mess up” come from?

There could be a thousand different reasons, but luckily I’ve narrowed it down to ONE for you…

It is simply a lack of listening to your “inner voice” or feelings on the matter.

Think about it.  It is NOT your mind.  It is not your thoughts.  You’ve thought out and created your plan, perhaps the ultimate plan (the one that I created — by the way, if you’d like to find out what the “ultimate plan” is, email me here), and you’ve been following it to the letter since Day One.  So let’s think about it again.  It’s NOT really your actions either.  Your actions have been lined up to and you’ve been following it.  And it’s not any EXTERNAL source either.  It ain’t your friend that you can blame it on, it’s not your spouse, it’s not that you went out to eat, it wasn’t your personal trainer, it’s not the economy, the Pennsylvania farms near Harrisburg, and in reality it is not even the messed up food chain and greedy corporations and CEO’s who don’t care or understand about your health (although, I am loathe to admit that one).

So if it is not your thoughts, actions, or any other EXTERNAL source, then it MUST be and INTERNAL source of friction by the process of deduction and elimination.

Whatever the temptation was, if it was not a purposely planned out treat, then the problem was a lack of listening to your inner voice.  Did you want a flat stomach and a toned butt and thighs more?  Did you really want to get rid fat and gain muscle more?  Or did you just want to have a small term treat and lose control and sacrifice the fast results you were getting.


Next time you have a temptation, STOP.  Take a few deep breaths.  Close your eyes or leave the room if necessary.  LISTEN to your inner voice.  Ask yourself if you REALLY (and I mean really and truly) want to partake in the temptation.

You’ll be surprised at the results.

99% of the time that you do the above method, you will really not want it!

BUT…  (here is the kicker)

99% of the time that you DON”T really consult your inner voice, you will give into the temptation

Of course, it is smart to not surround yourself with temptations to begin with.  Stop the flow of bad things to you at the main sources: the grocery store and ordering from the menu.  If you don’t buy it or order it, you can’t eat it.

But temptations will be there and you must be prepared to deal with them.

What if you have trouble listening to your inner voice?  Well, having a full time Physique Coach that you have to be accountable to 24/7 certainly helps!  If you would like to learn how you could become one of my clients and get the job done right for just a few dollars a week, email here now and tell me in one short paragraph why you think that you are a good candidate for the BMM Body Transformation Challenge 2010.

Questions?  Comments?  There should be a comment link on here to ask away…

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One response to “If Nutrition & Diet Is 80% of Our Results, Why Do We Feel The Need To Go Off of It All Of the Time?

  1. jane

    totally great post, George! thank you sooo much

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