Sore? How To Recover From Intense Exercise

Are your muscles sore from working out intensely?  If so, you may need a quick “crash course” on the following topic…


What is it?  Why is it important?

I want to address a very important issue that is usually not talked about too much in fitness circles… and that is the extreme importance of recovery from workouts.

Most people understand that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Less know that nutrition and a healthy diet are just as—if not more—important as well.

The third component that is not talked about too much is rest and recovery.  Recovery is just as important as the workout itself.

If you are new to a workout program, you will most likely experience muscle soreness.  This is completely normal and to be expected.   For example, if you haven’t worked out seriously in 1 year, then the soreness will be pretty intense the following few days after your first weight training or gym workout.  The key component after this your first session is to recover.  This is when THE MAGIC happens.   (By magic I mean that by being sore, it means that your muscles are “toning up”… You get toned up and lose body-fat AFTER the workout while you are recovering and on your days off, not during the workout itself).

So how do you recover?

The most effective way is to simply rest completely.  Do not engage in additional exercise for a few days.  Get plenty of sleep.  A few other tricks include drinking PLENTY of water and eating PLENTY of vegetables.  The extra hydration and fiber content will help “flush out” the lactic acid buildup.

Another recovery method is to use a high-quality natural vitamin that includes a full spectrum of B-vitamins, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and other important minerals and nutrients.

Lactic acid is the waste product that causes you to feel “sore.”  It is normal and goes away with time.  Usually in a few days.

A few other tricks are warm/hot showers (followed by a cool rinse), or getting a mild massage.

If you haven’t workout out with weights for a while and just start up again, you will definitely be very sore.

Take a week off.  Recover.

Once the soreness goes away, you will be ready to workout again.

The good news is that as you get fitter and fitter, the soreness after a workout will decrease.

So if you are sore, it means you had a good workout.  Now you need to recover for a few days using the techniques and methods provided here, and you will be ready to go again!

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